Music for life

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MF Preschool Music Lessons​

Ages 2-3

Introducing Building Block Music Concepts

  • Parents must attend class with child
  • New students can join anytime during year

Our Preschool Music Class allows children to interact and communicate with each other while learning basic musical concepts.

Children are introduced the Building Blocks to music (beat, tempo, pitch, dynamics) and are introduced to music from around the world. Classes include dance along with songs and movement with rhythm instruments (drums, bongos, bells, sticks, shakers). Children also have time for crafts relating to the class theme.


Should I start this young?

Absolutely, the earlier you start, the better of a musical foundation you are building for your child.

Can I do extra musical activities at home?

Yes, more parental involvement can enrich a child’s experience. Ask us about how you can incorporate music into your home.