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Vocal Lessons

The voice is the best instrument in the world because you can take it wherever you go and use it all the time!

  •    Children
  •    Youth
  •    Adult 


7-12 yrs

Do you find your child changing the music in the car or around the house and singing along to different songs? Or maybe they sing so much they already know the song off by heart without the music? And do too :)  Maybe it’s time for them to start taking some vocal lessons...

Most experts would agree that learning to sing is best to start no earlier than 7 yrs old. 

If a student participated in our MF KindergartenClass they could possibly begin sooner. Our singing lessons have structure and fun all rolled
into one.

Genres: Pop, Folk, Classical, Opera, Jazz, Musical Theater


Do you sing around your friends and family when you’re together?...Or do you prefer to sing by yourself? Do you want to join a band or be a karaoke  star?!

If you have been singing around the house or looking into the mirror singing and holding a toothbrush, or just randomly singing your favourite song, then it might be time for you to start taking singing lessons! If you have never taken lessons before, don’t sweat it (neither did any other great singer before they took lessons). We will give you a good strong foundation that you can continue  to build upon as you learn all your favourite artist songs. 

If you have taken lessons before , we’ll expand upon your existing abilities and catapult you to the next level. We teach Pop, Jazz, Broadway, Classical and more.

  • Sing with confidence
  • Establish proper technique
  • Develop style
  • Performance opportunity
  • Create your own music video (if you like)


Have you ever caught yourself singing in the car? Do you belt out tunes in the shower?!

Maybe it’s time for you to start taking some singing lessons? Or maybe you have singing experience and would like to improve your technique and ability. Our lessons are about YOU! Once you come in for your first lesson, we can establish what you are looking to achieve and get you there faster.

Ask us how we can!

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